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OrchestraDesigner(A Collaborative Modeling Tools)
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Author: MengSong (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: November 8, 2010 8:45 PM
Version: 3.2
Views: 23,967
Downloads: 1,047
Demo URL:
License: GPL (GNU General Public License), Version 3


Orchestra Designer is an open source project from "Web 2.0 BPM editor" topic of 2009 OW2 Programming Contest. The objective of this project is to build an online workflow designer that generates BPEL processes. Those processes can be accepted by Orchestra, which is an open source BPEL engine released on OW2 platform. The designer is developed on Flex, targeted to non-technical people and provides a more business-oriented functional view of the process than pure BPEL view.
Orchestra Designer Project won the 2009 OW2 Open Source Software Competition in May 2009 and established relations with BULL Company, and released on the Trustie Platform as Open Source Project according to the LGPL V3 Standard. By now, it has been the most popular project in the Trustie Platform and with the amount of 6550 downloads (as of September 16, 2010) as the second downloads.
The initial developers of this project come from ACT lab of Beihang University (BUAA). The members are Sun Dou,Li Zhuqing,Yin Yiwei,Li Kexin,Lu Yue,Zou Jianing and Meng Song.

Updates(into three parts):

   Add the function of login and register
   Add the function of maximize the Figure Canvas while double-clicking the tag
   Add the Cooperate Project User List
   Display/Hide the function tag by Menu-Option-Views
   Add rollback function
   Add redo function
New Function, real-time cooperative modeling:
   Token Mechanism
   General Cooperative Mode
   Sign Mode
   Compare Mode


April 20, 2010 Orchestra Designer 3.0.3 Version released:
The function of Collaborative modeling is added in this version. When multiple users operate with the same process model, the Modification made by one user will be showed on all the users’ interfaces and all the models change synchronously. Moreover, this version adds the BPEL Generating Function. (It is supplied by BULL Corporation from France)
January 7, 2010 Orchestra Designer 3.0.2 Version released:
The users can download BPEL files in this version. This version also can realize the switch with JUDDI server.
November 26, 2009 Orchestra Designer 3.0.1 Version released:
This version is server version. Multiple users can share the same model file, because all the projects, folders and files are stored on the directory of the server.
July 20, 2009 Orchestra Designer 2.8 Version released
1.Reconstructed the MVC framework
2.Renamed the projects, folders and files
3.Added the Select All, Copy and Paste operation for the figures
4.Optimized the transformation from flow diagram to BPEL
5.Complimented the attributes of the figures
6.Added association between diagram files and BPEL files
7.Discriminated BPEL elements and attributes by color
July 1 ,2009 Orchestra Designer 2.4 Version released
1.Added the construction and revision of projects folders and files
2.Enabled instant renewing of the Resource Tree
3.Added the trailing, moving, delete and rename operation for the figures
4.Enabled the transformation from flow diagram to BPEL
5.Established the BPEL view
6.Resolved problems of failing to run locally
June 18, 2009 Orchestra Designer 2.0 Version released
redesigned the interface, changed the overall style, added tool bar, engineering view and UDDI view
Supported the diagram view of the process and the XML view.
Supported user to create new process, new folder and new process file.
Supported filling the canvas with the grid while modeling.
Replaced the BPMN figure by three different levels figures: Basic, Business and BPEL.
Rebuilt the program structure base on Cairngorm MVC
May 27, 2009 Orchestra Designer 1.0 Version released
Completed the basic modeling function


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Issue Tracker:

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